Sample Analysis

Analysis for Asbestos in Bulk Samples

All Our Samples Are Sent To A U.K.A.S. Accredited Laboratory


This is a routine test which is carried to detected or refute the presence and type of asbestos. 

Our associates laboratories technicians are P401 qualified. and use an internationally recognised and UKAS accredited method.


Asbestos can be detected in concentrations of 1 part per million in most bulk samples.


The test is qualitative, which means that our associates are unable to give an estimate of the amount of asbestos in the sample.

All of our associates analysts are highly trained, friendly and professional.

Samples can be posted, delivered in person to our laboratory, or collected by our surveyors.


We welcome samples from anyone; private or commercial so long as they are sealed and double bagged in clear sample bags. 

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Asbestos fibers under the microscope

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